Our Services Include:

 Setting up the practice management system and training

 Electronic claims submissions (EDI)

 Account Management

 Staff training and support

 Credit Control and Debt collection services “We get your money for you"

 Invoices and Statements

 Free pick-up and delivery from your premises

 Customised Practice and financial reports

 We ensure Complete Record Keeping

 In-house debt collection department

 Electronic and web-based claim submission to us

 Pre- Authorizations upon request

 Electronic diary for your practice

 Full access to patient information and claims

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Electronic Claims Submission

Our practice management software allows us to verify member and patient information against the various medical schemes data bases.  Our costing and coding is done according to the tariff chargeable depending on plan option and specialist agreements. Tariff codes and ICD-10 codes are verified. Our billing process is designed to bill your claims at the maximum reimbursement rate, and with real-time feedback on claim submission, we are able to get claims reimbursed faster, enabling us to access rejected claims and collect monies from patients timeously.

Account Management

Our in-depth medical billing, reporting allows us to assist in identifying possible improvements to manage and expand the growth of your practice. A dedicated account manager is allocated to each specialty ensuring one point of contact. We are relentless at resolving any denied or underpaid claims. Our goal is to collect as much revenue as possible by always addressing and re-submitting all rejected claims. We provide daily follow-ups on Medical queries and unpaid accounts. Online access to all the necessary information regarding your practice and patients, including patient information and claim statuses. You can also manage your daily appointments electronically.

Credit Control & Debt Collection

An Age analysis is generated on a monthly basis. Patients are contacted regarding their liability and follow-ups are conducted promptly. All patients receive several reminders, telephone calls and sms’s automatically generated by our system. Outstanding patient debt is recovered through our internal debt collecting department.  We take care of everything in a sensitive manner, including final demand letters, and listing with relevant credit bureaus.

Practice Reports

Our practice management software allows us to generate all types of financial reports that you deem necessary, summarized or detailed reports such as individual patient reports, claim reconciliation reports, turn over reports, assistant fees and many other customized reports that you may need. We keep records of all claims and data.

The financial strength of your practice is directly correlated to timely billing and account reimbursement; efficient management should be of the highest priority.