Med Core Billing

Welcome to Med Core Billing were we use our healthcare expertise to provide your business with the right practice management services, software and tools to ensure your practice reaches its top potential. Clinical notes, electronic dairy, appointment reminders, benefit checking, claim processing, code verification, icd-10 coding, creditors and debtor’s control, dept. collecting, financials and much more. We guarantee financial stability and we pride ourselves in delivering only the highest level of service to both practice and patient.

Join the team of professionals with a successful track record that delivers.



Processing of claims is vital to every practice and managing your accounts can be a tedious job. One of the greatest benefits of making use of our services is that you will reduce practice overheads and enjoy greater profits. Finding a balance between the administration of a practice and the treating of patients can be difficult. Many healthcare professionals lose income on unpaid accounts, medical aid claims that aren’t paid out in full or simply aren’t paid out at all. At Med Core Billing we focus on getting that underpaid or non-paid claim resolved by constantly following up. 

Electronic Claims Processing

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is the most efficient way to get reimbursed quickly. In seconds the medical schemes acknowledge receipt of the claims and send confirmation back.  With real-time feedback on claim submissions we are able to get claims reimbursed faster, enabling us to access rejected claims immediately upon submission and collect funds from patients timeously.  


A dedicated account manager is allocated to each specialty ensuring one point of contact.

  • Electronic diary to schedule your appointments with SMS appointment reminders
  • Credit control
  • Debtors control
  • In-house debt collection department
  • Invoices and Statements
  • Customized Practice reporting
  • Full access to view all data and claims
  • Financial reports


  • Improved Financial control, faster cash flow “we get your money” 
  • Remote-based as well as web-based technology
  • Online access
  • No administrative hassles 
  • Eliminate time chasing bad debt 
  • Ongoing support 
  • Confidentiality of all data and patient information 
  • Electronic day sheets which allow daily submission of information resulting in faster processing 

We specialize in billing, submissions and collections of Medical accounts across South Africa.  Make the right choice for your practice by choosing the right partner to assist with the financial management of your business.